If you love stories in audio format, here they are!

You can listen to excerpts from professionally narrated audiobook versions of my books. Oliver Wyman narrates the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, and Allyson Johnson narrates Inquisitor – both bio’s below. You can buy the full audiobooks on Audible.

Audible has a cloud player so you can listen directly in your browser; they also have apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle, PC and Mac. In addition, you can import books purchased on Audible into your iTunes library.

A Crucible of Souls

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Blood of Innocents

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A Shattered Empire

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At the Sign of the Crow and Moon

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The Narrators

Oliver Wyman
Oliver Wyman was born and raised on the tiny island of Manhattan, where he spent most of his time reading in a very small room, practicing for his job as an adult: recording audiobooks in a very small room. His is possibly one of the most recorded (and ostensibly most listened to) voices in the world; he has helped teach a generation to speak English in literally hundreds of language programs; his vocal characterizations have populated countless cartoons and video games; his alliterative antics and sober soliloquies heard in radio and TV commercials have convinced untold millions to buy things they really didn’t need. The very opposite of what children are told they should be, Oliver is most often heard and not seen, though on rare occasions he has been spotted on stage and in films. One of the founders of New York City’s infamous Collective Unconscious theater, he was co-creator and performer in the award-winning shows “Manifestations” and “Charlie Victor Romeo”, and he can also been seen in the cult classic film, “A Chronicle of Corpses”. His work in audiobooks has won many accolades, including five Audie awards from the Audio Publisher’s Association and nearly a dozen Earphone awards from AudioFile Magazine, in every category from humor to non-fiction. Notable works include: James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About the Bike, Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale, Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat and The Oxford English Dictionary.

Allyson Johnson
Allyson Johnson is an actress and singer who started performing in her hometown of Chicago where she was a child news anchor (and Emmy Award winner). She moved to New York City, after graduating from Brown University, where she continued to perform both on stage and off. Her versatile voice is equally adaptable to fiction as well as non-fiction titles, for adults and children alike. She was thrilled to narrate several books by Mildred D. Taylor about the Logan family and their trials in Depression-era Mississippi. Other noteworthy titles include John Varley’s Gaean sci-fi trilogy and Obama’s Challenge, a best seller about America’s economic crisis. In addition to audiobooks, Allyson has voiced countless commercials, promos, industrials, and animation series.