A Crucible of Souls - two months on

It’s now been two whole months since I published A Crucible of Souls, and to say the response to it has been amazing would be an understatement! Honestly, I was expecting hardly any sales for at least a year or two until I published books 2 and 3 in the series and gained some momentum and visibility. I thought in the meantime I’d have to go back to work in my previous career which involved a lot of overtime and would leave hardly any time for writing.

All this changed within two weeks of publishing. Sales of A Crucible of Souls were increasing daily and reviews started trickling in. It was a fantastic and humbling feeling to see how many people were reading and enjoying my first book. It has some issues (and could probably do with another revision and some content changes) but it was in the best shape I could get it without throwing it in the bin and giving up.

As of today overall sales have passed 7,000 and the 50th review was posted on Amazon. In two months that’s… well, I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve teared up writing this.

Your support and feedback are what keeps us authors writing. And I can say that now, I’m an author. This is my new career and I’ll keep writing and releasing new books as long as I can.┬áSo to you, the readers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Book Two of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence

For those readers who emailed or posted wondering when book 2 would be released, my best guess is Jan-March 2014. Much quicker than traditionally published fantasy novel sequels, but still a few months away. At this stage I don’t know the schedules of my beta-readers and editor so it could be earlier, but don’t count on it!

The first draft is just over 50% complete and I’m aiming to write 10-15k words per week from now on. With any luck the first draft will be finished in 8 weeks.

Should I kill Miranda? Or maybe Amerdan? Who knows… maybe no one will die. Nah.