A Crucible of Souls editor review.

My editor Derek Prior posted a review of A Crucible of Souls. He’s worked hard and provided a lot of great feedback, and the book wouldn’t be the same without him.

Here is the beginning of his post, link to the full review.

Derek Prior:
I’m pleased to announce the start of a very promising new fantasy trilogy, A Crucible of Souls, by Mitchell Hogan. For a debut novel this is more than a little impressive. Mitchell has redrafted multiple times and the effort really shows. – See more at: D.P. Prior – A Crucible of Souls

New book 1 title: A Crucible of Souls

Since I decided (on good advice) not to include a big reveal in book 1, I have to change the title since it wouldn’t make sense. In the end I decided to use my book 2 title A Crucible Of Souls.

After a final revision the manuscript is now being proof read, so the publishing date is fast approaching!