Another cover reveal! New novel Revenant Winds.

I’m very pleased with how well the cover for Revenant Winds turned out! 

This will be the first novel in a new series, based in an entirely new world. It is on track for a July 2017 release!

And all formats — ebook, print, and audio — will be released simultaneously.

Cover reveal: Tower of the Forgotten

Sneak peek at the cover for my new novella, Tower of the Forgotten. It’s a prequel novella to Revenant Winds, and should be available in May!

Both ebook and audio (through Audible) will be released at the same time.


German deal for A Crucible of Souls!

Just a quick post and then I’ll get back to writing… I promise.

A Crucible of Souls German rights sold to Heyne a 2018 debut! This also means the Audible deal will kick in, and they’ll produce audio in German.

My lovely agent Laurie McLean at Fuse Literary made this for me:

German rights sold to heyne!HOORAY,MitchHogan!