Book 4: The Necromancer's Key

A corrupted power stirs from beyond the grave.
The Necromancer Queen will rise again.

In Niyas, the new Seneschal plans to use Anskar to further the Church’s aims and grind the Niyandrians and their culture to dust.

But having thrown off the shackles of both the Church and his mother Queen Talia, Anskar is no longer a hapless pawn. Driven to seek the final component to complete the Armor of Divinity, he falls in with the Niyandrian rebels and forges his own path.

But the grasp of the Necromancer Queen is not so easily evaded, and the dark-tide within Anskar forces him to travel to the demon realms, where he discovers a chilling secret long hidden from him.

A secret which will either destroy Anskar or save Niyas…

The Necromancer’s Key

Incursion Book 1

Corruption Book 2

Subversion Book 3

Conversion Book 4