Dramatis Personae


The Sorcery Ascendant Sequence

Principle Characters

Caldan – an orphan, and an apprentice sorcerer in the Protectors
Miranda – an entrepreneur, and ex-sailor
Amerdan Lephar – a shopkeeper
Vasile Lauris – a magistrate, once Head Investigator for the Chancellor’s Guard
Elpidia – a physiker
Izak Fourie – a noble
Lady Felicienne Shyrise (Felice) – Third Adjudicator to the emperor
Sir Avigdor – Lady Felicienne’s assistant
Bees/Rennen – a dealer in information

The Protectors and Sorcerer’s Guild

Simmon – a master, Caldan’s mentor
Jazintha – a master
Garren – a master

Five Oceans Mercantile Concern

Gazija – the First Deliverer
Savine Khedevis – Head Trader
Luphildern Quiss – Head Trader
Mazoet Miangline – a sorcerer
Rebecci Walraffen – a sorcerer

Lady Caitlyn’s Band

Lady Caitlyn – a noble crusader
Aidan – Caitlyn’s second in command
Chalayan – a tribal sorcerer
Anshul cel Rau – a swordsman from the Steppes


Kelhak – God-Emperor of Indryalla
Bells – a sorcerer
Keys – a sorcerer

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