47North deal

I have a new 2-book deal! In fact, I have two.

Only one contract has been signed with blood so I can only provide details about that deal. The series will be released through 47North (print and ebook), and an audiobook producer (audio), and I’m excited about this series! The first book is tentatively titled A Dark Background.

In Publishers Marketplace language:

Mitchell Hogan’s A DARK BACKGROUND books I and II, an epic fantasy series about a demon summoned by a desperate sorcerer and bound to serve against his will, to Adrienne Procaccini at 47North (ebook and print rights), in a two book deal, in a very nice deal, for publication in 2018, 2019.

How this all came about:

After I delivered the recordable file of Revenant Winds to Audible, I decided to work on a sword & sorcery novel during the three month wait until Revenant Winds would be released. But I’d also had an idea for an epic fantasy novel which I was getting more and more excited about (A Dark Background). In order to clear up the details in my mind I put together a blurb and a synopsis. One thing led to another, and I ended up in contact with the editor at 47North who expressed an interest in the novel. After reading a sample she (and the rest of the 47North team) loved it, and they made an offer for a two-book series. I also approached an audio publisher, who made a significant offer for the audio rights.

If you read my earlier post on why I’m self-publishing Revenant Winds, then you’ll know that retaining audio rights is an important business aspect for me. Which is why this separate 47North and audio deal is such a great outcome.

47North are aiming for a Fall 2018 (Oct.-Dec.) release of the first book, and the second book six months later.

I’ll have more posts about this deal and the series in the future, but for the moment this is all I wanted announce today.

A Dark Background overview:

A forsaken battleground buried by time.

A deadly secret warded by sorcery.

When Tarrik Nal-Valim, demon of the thirty-seventh order, is summoned by a desperate sorcerer known as Serenity, he is bound to serve against his will.

Serenity compels Tarrik to protect her from colleagues hellbent on her destruction, and it seems they have good reason, for Serenity is sworn to bring back a great evil, and all the battles the world has ever known will pale into insignificance when the Adversary is freed from his prison.

But Serenity is not quite what she seems—sorcerers never are—and before long, both demon and master are caught up in a terrifying flood of murder, intrigue, and insurrection. Tarrik is running out of time, as every step they take brings the world closer to the brink. For if Tarrik continues to do as Serenity asks, untold misery and darkness will be unleashed; but if he refuses, it will be at the cost of his eternal essence—a true death for one of his kind.



  1. Rod says:

    Good news! After reading of your woes with publishers and their current demands, I was afraid we wouldn’t see any more dead tree editions from you in the future. Not a criticism by the way – being a boomer it’s still my prefered format.

    Sorcery Ascendant was a great read. Even my wife, a hard nut to crack book wise, loved it.

    We have Revenant Winds 1 on order and now look forward to these new books as well.

  2. MitchellH says:

    Terrific to hear you and your wife both enjoyed my first series!

    With self publishing the print versions end up being very expensive, which is a shame.

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