A Broken Silence update

I received the marked up manuscript for A Broken Silence from Derek Prior a few days ago. He’s done a fantastic job with the line edit and there are a lot of suggested changes, and a ton of notes. I’ve been hard at it since, but it’ll still take another couple of days at least to finish my review. Next time I’ll write a shorter book!

After that I’ll need to revise again to further tighten the wording, which might take a week or two. Then then manuscript will be back with Derek for proofreading.

One thing I need to do is come up with a new title, but the ones I’ve thought of sound too cliched…

I also need to decide on a cover designer/artist. There are many good ones out there and it’s a hard choice. If I could afford Steve Stone (he did some of Steven Erikson’s covers among others) I’d go for it, but I think I need to rein in my expenses for my first book.

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