A Crucible of Souls - Bonus Chapters

I decided to put together most of the cut scenes from A Crucible of Souls – both pre-self published version and the Harper Voyager cuts – and provide them to readers for free. With each scene I’ve included a brief explanation of why the scene was cut, with details around my editor’s and my thought process. Hopefully you’ll find this interesting, and enjoy the bonus scenes!

If you read the Harper Voyager version all of these scenes will be new (23,000+ words, around 77 pages), and if you read the self published version then about 22 pages will be new.

The chapters are available via Dropbox in mobi (kindle), epub (other e-reader), and pdf formats. You do not have to sign up for Dropbox to access them, simply click on the appropriate link below.

Mobi: Dropbox Mobi
Epub: Dropbox Epub
PDF: Dropbox PDF



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