A Crucible of Souls included in booknest.eu's top 100 fantasy books of our century!

I am somewhat stunned… Booknest.eu has released their top 100 fantasy books of this century and my very own A CRUCIBLE OF SOULS was included! The crew over at Booknest.eu are very active in the fantasy community, including being judges in and administrating Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO every year, so it’s a huge honour to be included in their list.

But is the only way from here down?! Read the books I wrote after A CRUCIBLE OF SOULS to find out ;)

There are many great authors and book included in the list, so check it out here: FANTASY LIST: TOP 100 FANTASY BOOKS OF OUR CENTURY


  1. Ciprian says:

    Hi, when are the next books in the Necromancer’s key and the sequel to the Sorcery Ascendant going to be released?
    I saw mentioned in other blog posts that they’re already written.

    • MitchellH says:

      Hi there! I’m aiming for late November/early December for The Necromancer’s Key book 2, and book 3 is already written. A Sorcery Ascendant sequel isn’t written, merely started, and it’s a side project at the moment until I finish The Necromancer’s Key series.

  2. jonathan says:

    congrats love your books just finish incursion for the second time and saw on goodread that book 2 is out on the 1 nov is this true cant find it on amazon to preorder ?

    • MitchellH says:

      Glad to hear you loved Incursion! Corruption will likely by released late November or a little earlier if there are no issues. I’m not sure why Goodreads had 1st Nov. but I changed it now.

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