A Crucible of Souls selected as one of the best New Series from Audible Studios!

I woke up this morning to find out that Audible just came out with their Best of 2014 lists, and A Crucible of Souls was selected for one of the best New Series from Audible Studios! Fantastic news! Audible produce a lot of series, so it’s awesome mine was selected. I’m incredibly humbled, and would like to thank Oliver Wyman for his brilliant performance narrating the books!

Audible Best of 2014


  1. Monia says:

    That’s great to hear, congratulations! But really it is well deserved. You just keep writing for us :-)

    • Keith says:

      I just finished both novels on audio from audible. I have to say you’ve done a marvelous thing with this work so far. I’m impressed and looking forward to book three with some impatience. Loved them! Keep up the good work!

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