August 2019 update

As a few projects I’m working on have reached the end of certain stages, I thought I’d provide an update!

2019 so far has been extremely busy with writing, revision, family, etc, but mostly revision. Far more revision than I anticipated. As you may know, I signed with¬†Joshua Bilmes at JABberwocky Literary late last year, and some projects I’m working on needed tweaking and fine tuning before being in the best shape possible to be shopped around.

This has led to three manuscripts in fantastic shape, all first books in three new series. Book 1 of THE NECROMANCER’S KEY (the six-book series I signed with Audible already), RAVEN (a sword & sorcery thriller), and my secret project… which I can now reveal is in my Sorcery Ascendant world, set a few thousand years before the first series.

It might seem like I managed to get a lot of writing done, but the first drafts for these three books were finished in Aug 2017, Jan 2018, and July 2019, so fairly spread out.

All three books are in fantastic shape, and I would be happy to self publish any of them. However, which publishing path each of these series embarks upon will not be known soon. Hopefully I’ll know by late this year or early next year. And the publishing industry is constantly in a state of flux, so I’ll have to weigh my options very carefully.

But why, I hear you ask, didn’t you finish REVENANT WINDS 2 first or another THE INFERNAL GUARDIAN book? There’s a long answer, but the short version is that I needed to do what’s best for my career. Making a living from writing is rare, and extremely difficult. I have been fortunate to have made it this far, and¬†I’d like to continue doing this for a long, long time. Being a hybrid author means taking advantage of the many different publishing paths available, and at this stage there are no bad options for me and many benefits to pursuing multiple paths.

The last 24 months of hard work have now set me up to be able to release a tsunami of titles over the next few years. In addition to these three books, the first drafts of books 2 and 3 of THE NECROMANCER’S KEY are done. That’s five books in total in the bag, and yet to be released.

I now have time to get back to other projects (such as REVENANT WINDS 2, Tarrik, and maybe Caldan…) At the end of the day I hope to give readers who like my work a lot more to be happy about!

I foresee more hard work in my future, but is it really work if you enjoy it so much?!




  1. Dan Tong says:

    Just about finished Shadow of the Exile and absolutely enjoying it. It’s truly original and so much fun to read. Lot’s of interesting and non stereotypical monsters. Lot’s of creativity.

    I’ve got the sequel ready to read.

    Great job, this book is one of the very best in it’s genre and I’m looking forward to reading more of your books.

    Thanks for the fun,


    • MitchellH says:

      Glad you’re enjoying the book! I had fun writing the series, and hope to continue with a few more if the stars align and my publisher is interested.

  2. JJ says:

    Thank you for the detailed updates. It is appreciated.

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