Better late than never...!

I really do need to post more often. My excuse is that I’ve been extremely busy with the unexpected two books I have to write for 47North and Audible. My own fault for submitting an unwritten novel I suppose, but it’s not a bad situation to be in.

Here are some things I should have posted about a while ago:

Art of War anthology released!
I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute a short story for this anthology, and the authors my short story are appearing alongside blew my mind. Find it here: Art of War Amazon US 
And it can be found on Goodreads here: Art of War Goodreads

Sorcerer’s Isle by DP Prior
My primary “go to” editor, DP Prior has released another fantasy novel. A new book in a new series in a new world, which can be found here: Sorcerer’s Isle 
I haven’t had time to read it yet, worse luck, but you should check it out. Here’s a glowing review which will give you some insight: Sorcerer’s Isle review

Publishing news: Shadow of the Exile (previously A Dark Background) structural edit complete.
I delivered the manuscript early February, and since then it has had three full passes by Clarence Haynes, a veteran developmental editor with Amazon Publishing. I think it’s in sensational shape, so hopefully it appeals to the majority of readers.

Foreign Translations
Heyne in Germany will be producing a German version of Blood of Innocents, book two in the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence — and they already have a cover and a blurb — Das Juwel von Mahrusan

And I have also agreed to an offer from Gruppo Editoriale Fanucci in Italy, to produce an Italian version of A Crucible of Souls! Updates on this coming as soon as I know more.

Work In Progress
I’m now writing the first draft of Dawn of the Exile having just completed the developmental edit of Shadow of the Exile. On the side, I have also managed to complete the first book in a hexalogy that I have high hopes for — and hopefully I’ll have more news on this huge project in a few months. Book one is around 142,000 words. I also have another manuscript I’m tweaking — the first book in a sword & sorcery thriller series. So essentially, I have quite a few books in various stages.

Again, for those of you wondering about Revenant Winds 2, I’ll be working on it as soon as Dawn of the Exile is in good shape. I was a very pleasant surprise signing the 47North deal, but it means putting a few things on hold for a while. I’m confident I can still have Revenant 2 completed in a reasonable time-frame. I’m getting a lot of writing done, which is great!
You can keep up to date by checking out the progress bars on my website. Just scroll down from the home page on

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