Blood of Innocents International Release!

Today is the release day for Harper Voyager’s Blood of Innocents — in all countries except Australia where it was released a month ago.

So if you’ve been waiting for this book to come out, now it is! Get it now and avoid the rush…

Some links:

Paperback –

Ebook –

And for those of you wondering, book 3 of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, A Shattered Empire, will definitely be released in August/September this year!

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  1. Charles Davis says:

    I have read both books and was very surprised how much I enjoyed them. I am a big fan of the Forgotten realms and after reading Blood of Innocents I cant wait for the next book in the series. The books are very well written and I enjoy books on Sorcery and this book captured my interest. Caldan is a character I keep wondering who or what he is. There is more to him and I cant wait to find out what. Both books are definitely worth getting and are very good.

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