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SHADOW OF THE EXILE final description!

It’s all coming together, people! There’s editing, promo text, draft covers soon, coming up with a release plan… so much to do and I still have the sequel to write. But, writing is progressing smoothly and book 2, Dawn of the Exile, is 75% done.

The Goodreads listing is also up, and you can add it here: SHADOW OF THE EXILE

Anyhow, that’s not what you’re here for, this is, the description for SHADOW OF THE EXILE:

Outcast and exiled, the demon Tarrik Nal-Valim has long been forgotten by the world of humans. At least, so he thinks.

But when he is summoned as a last resort by a desperate sorcerer, it seems as though his past has caught up with him. The sorcerer is Serenity “Ren” Branwen, the daughter of Tarrik’s former master—and friend. Though she seems cold, driven, and ruthless, Tarrik can tell that Ren has her back against a wall, and he is compelled by ferocious powers to obey her.

As their world sinks into a terrifying maelstrom of murder, intrigue, and insurrection, Tarrik is forced to serve Ren’s arcane designs—plans that, if they were to succeed, would resurrect unimaginable power and could destroy Tarrik’s entire race.

But as events unfurl, the lines between demon and master become blurred, and Tarrik realizes that Ren is not what she seems. To prevent utter devastation, Tarrik may have to surrender what he values most: a chance at redemption and an end to his exile.

A final note: In case you weren’t aware, the book is entirely in the single POV of a demon.

Progress report

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As it has been a year and seven months since A Shattered Empire was released, and seven months since Revenant Winds was published, I thought it would be a good idea to outline what I’ve been up to and what that means for future publications.

A couple of decisions added complications, but overall they’re good complications! I have a few irons in the fire, so here’s a breakdown:

47North series

Shadow of the Exile (book 1) – October/November(?) 2018 release, not finalised but the time frame is firm
Dawn of the Exile (book 2) – April/May 2019 release

Will 47North want more installments in the series? It will depend on sales.

The Tainted Cabal series

Revenant Winds book 2 – my best guess is early-mid 2019. My two books for 47North put this project on the back burner, and working on this is next on my list.

The Necromancer’s Key hexalogy

Shadow in the Flame (book 1), is complete, as are outlines of all six books. Book 2 in the series is almost half written. With this project I have a few options, but at this stage I’ve focused on getting the manuscript in great shape. I expect I’ll be able to tell you more about what’s happening in a few months.

Raven series

Raven: Reawakening (book 1), is complete. Again, I’m focusing on getting the manuscript in great shape.

It might look like I’m all over the place, but there is method to my madness! As with any business, I had to look to the future and decide what would be best for my career as an author. So I decided that while I’m working on my unexpected 47North series, I would do all I could to get two new series in good enough shape to pitch to agents/publishers, if I decided to take that route — hence The Necromancer’s Key hexalogy and Raven series.

I can’t put a time yet on when the first books in these series will be released, as it depends on many factors. But I can say that although my novel release rate has been a little slow over the last few years, with three completed and two half completed manuscripts currently, my publication rate will significantly increase in the following few years. And I’m very happy about that!


Better late than never...!

I really do need to post more often. My excuse is that I’ve been extremely busy with the unexpected two books I have to write for 47North and Audible. My own fault for submitting an unwritten novel I suppose, but it’s not a bad situation to be in.

Here are some things I should have posted about a while ago:

Art of War anthology released!
I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute a short story for this anthology, and the authors my short story are appearing alongside blew my mind. Find it here: Art of War Amazon US 
And it can be found on Goodreads here: Art of War Goodreads

Sorcerer’s Isle by DP Prior
My primary “go to” editor, DP Prior has released another fantasy novel. A new book in a new series in a new world, which can be found here: Sorcerer’s Isle 
I haven’t had time to read it yet, worse luck, but you should check it out. Here’s a glowing review which will give you some insight: Sorcerer’s Isle review

Publishing news: Shadow of the Exile (previously A Dark Background) structural edit complete.
I delivered the manuscript early February, and since then it has had three full passes by Clarence Haynes, a veteran developmental editor with Amazon Publishing. I think it’s in sensational shape, so hopefully it appeals to the majority of readers.

Foreign Translations
Heyne in Germany will be producing a German version of Blood of Innocents, book two in the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence — and they already have a cover and a blurb — Das Juwel von Mahrusan

And I have also agreed to an offer from Gruppo Editoriale Fanucci in Italy, to produce an Italian version of A Crucible of Souls! Updates on this coming as soon as I know more.

Work In Progress
I’m now writing the first draft of Dawn of the Exile having just completed the developmental edit of Shadow of the Exile. On the side, I have also managed to complete the first book in a hexalogy that I have high hopes for — and hopefully I’ll have more news on this huge project in a few months. Book one is around 142,000 words. I also have another manuscript I’m tweaking — the first book in a sword & sorcery thriller series. So essentially, I have quite a few books in various stages.

Again, for those of you wondering about Revenant Winds 2, I’ll be working on it as soon as Dawn of the Exile is in good shape. I was a very pleasant surprise signing the 47North deal, but it means putting a few things on hold for a while. I’m confident I can still have Revenant 2 completed in a reasonable time-frame. I’m getting a lot of writing done, which is great!
You can keep up to date by checking out the progress bars on my website. Just scroll down from the home page on