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Tower of the Forgotten pre-orders

Tower of the Forgotten pre-orders are up! Official release date for all formats is May 16th, 2017 — so less than a month away! Then only a few months after that Revenant Winds will be released…

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This is a standalone novella of 16,500 words set before the events of Revenant Winds.

From Mitchell Hogan — Aurealis Award winner and author of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence.

Niklaus, master swordsman, has not aged a day since being chosen by his mercurial goddess. A slave to her will, he moves from one cryptic mission to the next in the hope of ascending to become her equal.

But even a man who has lived for centuries can sometimes find himself out of his depth.

When Niklaus is sent to kill a sorcerer of the Tainted Cabal, overconfidence leads to a fatal mistake, and neither experience nor skill with a blade can prevail against the forces unleashed against him.

Revenant Winds map reveal!

This came together much faster than I anticipated, which is good! Maxime Plasse did a fantastic job with the cartography.

And a quick update on Revenant Winds: There has been a slight delay with the editing process, and release should now be in August 2017 — all formats, so ebook, print, and audio.  The final file will be ready in May, then Audible have three months to produce the audio version. So ARCs for review will be going out in late May/early June.

Another cover reveal! New novel Revenant Winds.

I’m very pleased with how well the cover for Revenant Winds turned out! 

This will be the first novel in a new series, based in an entirely new world. It is on track for a July 2017 release!

And all formats — ebook, print, and audio — will be released simultaneously.