Incursion: Cover reveal!

The awesome Petros over at was kind enough to host the cover reveal for INCURSION, check it out here! 

The cover is below, but both Petros and I add some flavour and more information on INCURSION and THE NECROMANCER’S KEY series in the cover reveal, so click the link and head on over!

INCURSION is already up on Goodreads, and on Amazon as a pre-order.


A corrupted power stirs from beyond the grave.

A sacred order of knights sworn to protect the world from evil.

The Necromancer Queen will rise again.

Seventeen years have passed since the Necromancer Queen Talia was overthrown and slain, and her capital city destroyed by the Knights of the Order of Eternal Vigilance.

Anskar DeVantte, raised in the sacred disciplines of the Order, is now ready to face the brutal initiation trials to become a consecrated knight-sorcerer.

But the further Anskar rises in the ranks the more his faith wavers, and he is beset by harrowing dreams and uncertainty. As troubling powers awaken within him, a schism grows between Anskar and his hallowed Order, and he draws the hungry gaze of the vanquished queen’s fanatical followers.

As Anskar pieces together the mysteries of his early life, and begins to understand the malevolent forces gathering in his path, he finds himself with a crucial choice to make:

Remain loyal to the Order’s righteous mission, or control the dark powers growing within him.

Either way, his destiny is steeped in war. The only question is, which side will he be on?



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