Revenant Winds map reveal!

This came together much faster than I anticipated, which is good! Maxime Plasse did a fantastic job with the cartography.

And a quick update on Revenant Winds: There has been a slight delay with the editing process, and release should now be in August 2017 — all formats, so ebook, print, and audio. ┬áThe final file will be ready in May, then Audible have three months to produce the audio version. So ARCs for review will be going out in late May/early June.


  1. Shinrei says:

    Nice map! Any chance for a higher resolution of the map? As it is, the printout (to have the map at my side while reading) will be a bit small.

  2. MitchellH says:

    If you click the map it expands to a larger version, which prints out fine.

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