Sorcery Ascendant Sequence novella -- Felicienne Shyrise

One month ago the lovely Belle told me she’d like “pre-Crucible Felice shenanigans novellas”… and because I didn’t have enough to do *cough* I thought, why not? Just the one, so far. It’s slightly under 20,000 words long, which is around 60 pages (I think).

I hope to release it in 2-3 weeks — ebook only — but for those of you who enjoy Audio-books there’s some news on that front too… More on that later!

It is still untitled, and there’s no cover yet, but I’ve pretty much finalized the blurb/description. So here it is:

A fast-paced fantasy adventure in the world of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, from Aurealis Award winning author Mitchell Hogan.

Ten years before A Crucible of Souls…

In the bustling capital city of the Mahruse Empire, Felicienne Shyrise spends her days as a talented investigator, taking on stolen goods and missing person cases, and the occasional murder the city guard are too incompetent, or too lazy, to resolve.

During nights, she hones her skills playing Dominion, a board game almost as complicated as life itself. She dreams of making a name for herself, and becoming the richest woman in the Empire.

But when she’s roped into a murky investigation by a First Adjudicator to the immortal Emperor himself, her life is thrown into disarray. Will this be the perfect opportunity to showcase her skills and make valuable connections, or will her future now be in the hands of political powers that can never be denied?

Working against her will, and afraid of the consequences of refusing the commission, she uncovers evidence that points to an attempt on the Emperor’s life. Felicienne rapidly finds herself a target, and must use her considerable wits to uncover the plot of an unseen enemy who always seems to be one step ahead of the game.


  1. Chad says:

    Just finished this novella through audible. I loved it! im curious to know if Felicienne is in the rest of the trilogy? The synopsis doesnt sound like shes the main character, but I cant really figured out what if any role she plays in the trilogy.

    • MitchellH says:

      Felicienne is a minor non-POV character in A Crucible of Souls, but in Blood of Innocents and A Shattered Empire there are multiple chapters from her POV.

      • Chad says:

        I appreciate the response, at the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying the audio version of CoS. I’m up to chapter 30 and needless to say I cant wait for the dominion rematch. Thanks for putting the novella up for free, I’m not sure I would of found this series otherwise.

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