THE CHAIN OF EYES - The Tainted Cabal book 2

On the spur of the moment I decided to set up a pre-order for THE CHAIN OF EYES, The Tainted Cabal book 2 — sequel to Revenant Winds!

With everything going on over the last few years progress on this novel stalled (I unexpectedly had to deliver seven books… yes seven, when 47North and Audible jumped at both The Infernal Guardian and The Necromancer’s Key series). But with five of those books complete and the sixth almost done, I now have time to work on other projects!

The first draft of THE CHAIN OF EYES is at around 25%, and I figure having a pre-order up will be great motivation to finish it quickly and get it ready for release. I set the release date for December this year, but I can always bring it forward once the manuscript is in a publishable state.

Anyhow, I just thought I’d let everyone know!

The cover is a temporary one, and the blurb isn’t finalised, but it’s better than having nothing out there and no word on when the sequel to Revenant Winds will be ready.

Here’s the Amazon US link: The Chain of Eyes

And the novel should show up on Goodreads soon.

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