The Necromancer's Key hexalogy audio deal

I’m going to drop this now because why not? Audible have made a fantastic offer for audio rights to my secret project hexalogy THE NECROMANCER’S KEY, and we’ll be inking the deal very soon!

They have also asked for a short story, which will be released as an Audible Original.

Audible and I have developed an excellent partnership which has worked out extremely well for both of us, so I’m very happy to sign another deal with them.

In Publishers Marketplace language:

“Mitchell Hogan’s THE NECROMANCER’S KEY, an epic fantasy series about a knight raised within a religious order, to Audible (audio rights), in a six book deal, in a significant deal, for publication in 2019 onward.”

If you read my earlier post on why I’m self-publishing Revenant Winds, then you’ll know that retaining audio rights is an important business aspect for me. Which is why this separate Audible deal is a preferred outcome. With print and ebook rights, I’m working on a few avenues and will reveal more information when I can.

I can say that the first two books are already written, so the series is well under way. As the publication process of THE NECROMANCER’S KEY series moves forward I’ll have more announcements. So keep an eye out!

The Necromancer’s Key pitch:

It has been fifteen years since the necromancer Queen Talia was overthrown and killed, and her capital city destroyed by the knights of the Order of Eternal Vigilance.

Anskar de Vantte, schooled since the age of six in the disciplines of the Order, is now of an age to face the first trial of initiation on his way to becoming a consecrated knight-sorcerer.

But the further Anskar rises in the Order, the more he is beset by disturbing dreams, in which he is visited by a shadowy bat. Latent powers begin to awaken within him, bringing Anskar into conflict with the code of the Order, and drawing the attention of the vanquished queen’s fanatical followers.

As bit by bit Anskar pieces together the mysteries of his young life, he finds himself surrounded by threats and with a crucial choice to make:

Reject the Order and its ways, which have formed him since infancy, or control the dark powers growing within him.

Either way, his destiny is steeped in war. The only question is, which side will he be on?


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