A GODDESS SCORNED -- Audible original novelette

If you read my August 2018 post on THE NECROMANCER’S KEY Audible deal, then you’d know that Audible also requested a novelette to be released as an Audible Original.

That day is here. A GODDESS SCORNED has been released as an Audible Original! Narrated by the fantastic Oliver Wyman who also narrated my Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, Revenant Winds, and my novellas Tower of the Forgotten, and At the Sign of the Crow and Moon.

That link again in case you missed it ;) A GODDESS SCORNED.

Audible members now get more 2 Audible Originals and 1 audiobook every month, so pick up a GODDESS SCORNED with an Audible Original credit and get to know more about Niklaus du Plessis, the immortal swordsman in REVENANT WINDS and TOWER OF THE FORGOTTEN.


Niklaus du Plessis, master swordsman, hasn’t aged a day since being chosen by his goddess. A slave to her will, he moves from one cryptic mission to the next in the hope of pleasing her and perhaps ascending to become her equal.

After centuries of dancing to his goddess’s tune, Niklaus meets the priestess Callis Drethna, and at her urging they embark on a quest together to find an ancient artifact. As they face mortal dangers, Niklaus’s affection for Callis grows, and he begins to wonder if there is more to life than unquestioned devotion.

Except a goddess’s chains are not so easily cast off, and Niklaus must make a choice between a mortal woman and one who is divine.

Whatever he decides, blood will be spilled. But will it be another innocent’s, or his own?

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  1. Ramesh says:

    Wow, multiple new series! Lot of goodies coming up! You are the next Brandon Sandersan i guess. Good luck. Keep those great books coming

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