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A Crucible of Souls - revision

When I published A Crucible of Souls in July 2013 it was in the best shape I could manage, and I just wanted to get it out there to see if readers would like it. Now, I know a lot of you thought A Crucible of Souls was a good read (thank you for your feedback and the reviews!), but it still had a few lingering issues and there were some legitimate criticisms voiced by readers. In the long run I wanted it to stand the test of time so I decided to put it through another couple of editing passes to improve dialogue, correct any POV issues and repetition, and sharpen the language.

There were no major changes, although I added a page to a couple of scenes, including the ending which I thought was too abrupt. The new version is only 2,000 words longer, which is 6 pages.

Hopefully I’ve turned a good book into a very good book. It’s being proofread now so the new version should be available in 4-6 weeks. And there will be maps! Kindle readers will get the updated version for free, for everyone else… er… I hope you liked the original…

Sorcery Ascendant Sequence book 2 - Blood of Innocents

Due to some real life issues it looks like Blood of Innocents will be delayed a couple of months. My apologies to everyone waiting for the 2nd book. I don’t want to rush it and publish a book that disappoints. So, I hope to have Blood of Innocents out in May.

A literary edit is 1/2 complete, and I’m revising the first 1/2 while waiting for the second in an effort to have it ready sooner. Then there’s editing redrafts, proofread, formatting etc. everything takes time… But May is still only 10 months since ACoS was released, so I think that’s not too bad.