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Sorcery Ascendant Sequence book 3 - A Shattered Empire (working title) - delivered to Harper Voyager!

The post title says it all. I have just emailed the draft manuscript of book 3 of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence to Harper Voyager!

It has taken a little longer than I expected, mainly due to moving house in August last year and problems finding childcare for my daughter. Overall, I think it’s the strongest book in the series and with some great editing it will be fantastic!

Right now, I’m taking a luxurious break for half a day before starting work on my next project – a stand alone sword & sorcery novel. I’ll also be looking at putting together all of the cut scenes from A Crucible of Souls for any readers who are interested. I’m not sure on how I’ll deliver these yet but I’ll come up with a few ideas.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, and a special thanks to those who have read and reviewed my debut sci-fi novel Inquisitor – which can be found here: Inquisitor – Amazon

A Crucible of Souls Book Launch at Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney! August 27th at 6pm.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can announce the official book launch for A Crucible of Souls!

The lovely people at Galaxy Bookshop will be hosting the event, along with Harper Voyager, on August 27th at 6pm. Come one, come all, if you’re in Sydney on the day!

I will be there (of course…) and I’m looking forward to meeting people and chatting about fantasy. You can pick up a beautiful new print copy on the night, and perhaps I’ll even sign it… who knows what shenanigans will ensue.

Galaxy Bookshop has an event set up on FaceBook for the occasion. You can join and confirm attendance or just turn up on the night. So save the date, and I’ll see you there! A Crucible of Souls launch.

Galaxy Bookshop
Level 1, 131 York Street,
Sydney, Australia


Inquisitor - sci-fi novel - out now!

Inquisitor is out now in ebook format! Pre-order period until 12th June 2015 – so only a couple of days until release date!


Here’s the blurb/description: “To Inquisitor Angel Xia, it was just another corporate killing on a backwater planet. But as the bodies begin to pile up and she finds herself a target, she realizes she’s stepped on one toe too many.

Barely escaping attempts on her life by powerful agents with seemingly limitless reach and influence, Angel senses even her co-Inquisitors can’t be trusted. But as the web tightens, she receives a cryptic message from a computer program claiming to be a little girl in desperate need of her help. She insists she’s being held prisoner by a major corporation, but is this just a trap to silence Angel…permanently?

Now a fugitive with her life inextricably linked to the girl in the program, Angel is taken to extremes she never knew she was capable of, and to forgotten places at the edges of known space that hold the darkest secrets of humanity, and the greatest threat to its future.”

At the moment it’s only available on Amazon, links below. It’ll take a couple of weeks to sort out the print on demand version. And it might take a while until versions are available at other ebook retailers, but I’m trying to sort the issue out as soon as I can.


      Inquisitor – Amazon US

      Inquisitor – Amazon UK

      Inquisitor – Amazon Germany

      Inquisitor – Amazon Australia