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A Shattered Empire Cover Reveal!

At long last I can reveal the cover for A Shattered Empire, book 3 of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence! Harper Voyager have done a fantastic job with the cover, and I love it! The book description is also below, so without further ado…

A shattered Empire - Ebook6

In this gritty and breathtaking conclusion to Mitchell Hogan’s award-winning Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, a young sorcerer must learn to wield his extraordinary powers to defeat two warring empires.

In a battle of armies and sorcerers, empires will fall.

After young Caldan’s parents were slain, a group of monks raised the boy and initiated him into the arcane mysteries of sorcery. But when the Mahruse Empire is attacked, and the lives of his friends hang in the balance, he was forced to make a dangerous choice.

Now, as two mighty empires face off in a deadly game of supremacy, potent sorcery and creatures from legend have been unleashed. To turn the tide of war and prevent annihilation, Caldan must learn to harness his fearsome and forbidden magic. But as he grows into his powers, the young sorcerer realizes that not all the monsters are on the other side.

And though traps and pitfalls lie ahead, and countless lives are at stake, one thing is certain: to save his life, his friends, and his world, Caldan must risk all to defeat a sorcerer of immense power.

Failure will doom the world. Success will doom Caldan.

Blood of Innocents International Release!

Today is the release day for Harper Voyager’s Blood of Innocents — in all countries except Australia where it was released a month ago.

So if you’ve been waiting for this book to come out, now it is! Get it now and avoid the rush…

Some links:

Paperback –

Ebook –

And for those of you wondering, book 3 of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, A Shattered Empire, will definitely be released in August/September this year!

Progress Update: A Shattered Empire

A Shattered Empire is the third and final novel in the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence. About half way through I was wondering if the series needed a fourth book to reach a satisfactory conclusion… Luckily, I managed to bring everything together — though at 175,000+ words A shattered Empire is longer than either A Crucible of Souls or Blood of Innocents.

Right now, the novel has passed through the developmental/structural edit process and is at the copy edit stage. This means I only have around 2-3 weeks actual work to do on the novel before it is completely out of my hands. So, the good news is Harper Voyager’s release date of September 2016 is much closer to being etched in stone!

If you like the world of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence — and the characters — then don’t worry. I’m currently half way through writing a stand alone fantasy novel set in a different world, but after that I intend to get stuck into a new Sorcery Ascendant series! It may be directly after the current trilogy, or set a few thousand years in the past. Whatever the case, I’ll be able to come at it using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the last few years and hopefully bring readers more exciting characters and events. And perhaps reveal extra details about some things not fully wrapped up in the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence…!

A big thank you to everyone for reading and for all the amazing support over the years. Readers like you make everything possible, and for that we authors are truly grateful.

All my best,